How do I win in Wordle, according to my wife

How do I win in Wordle, according to my wife

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I like to think I’m good with words. I’ve been working in journalism and digital media for most of my career. I have written thousands of articles and blog posts. I’ve edited maybe tens of thousands; She has devoted various grammatical guides and style books to unconscious memory. But my wife still kicked my ass in a boggle every time. and scribble. and – recently-Word.

They are obnoxiously good at any game that involves mixing letters and manipulating the English language. I’m not ashamed of losing to her (which is fine, because I do it all the time), but it can be frustrating, especially when you play at a disadvantage, for example, by giving the rest of the family a 30-second head start to baffle And he still wipes the floor with me. At least I have the decency Try Don’t I go too hard when I play guess who? With my 5 year old son.

Given this context, it wouldn’t surprise you to learn this It’s much better in Wordle Me and I’m not bad. I’ve been playing for 26 days and I’m not confused yet, I’ve solved 16 of those puzzles in 4 guesses or less. In two-thirds of the times, I did it in three times. (Although I feel good, it suggests that winning with less than three guesses is just luck.) And if I’m honest, a large part of my success is due to the fact that I stolen She adopted her strategy, so she might be right. Perhaps the world deserves a post “How to win in Wordle, according to my wife.” Even if it was her idea.

Best way to choose initial words in Wordle

So here’s how to do it. It is a modified version of General recommended strategy, which is a choice of two or three “starting words” filled with common letters. But while most people choose words that will expel a group of vowels immediately (during a recent discussion among Lifehacker team members, we settled on “BEAST” and “ROUND” as good choices), her words focus on Consonants. Because when you think about it, hw mch do vwls actlly mttr in englsh?

She told me yesterday, “You’re too worried about getting your own vowels,” when she got “SHARD” in four guesses versus six (nephew!). “There are only five of them, and almost never will be the United States.” This is very true. over there be Only five of them. (And sometimes a Y.) Prioritizing consonants will help you avoid getting into a common predicament, when you’ve discovered three or four letters of a word but are faced with a choice of six or seven possible beginning or end letters (SHARD, SHARP, SHARK, CHARD, magic) . Perhaps this is a simple strategy, but Wordle is a very simple game, albeit not so simple The New York Times wasn’t willing to pay seven figures for it.

So enjoy these last happy days Before the game slips behind a firewall Or outside of popular culture altogether, consider using my wife’s winning strategy. She’s had a lot of luck with ‘RENTS’ and ‘CLAMP’.

(“It’s not luck,” you’ll no doubt notice. “It’s a skill.” And you’d be right.)

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