Everything you need to know about your next side hustle

Everything you need to know about your next side hustle

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In our capitalist society, there is constant pressure to turn every free moment into a money-making opportunity. But I’m not here to talk about capitalism. I’m here to talk about the popularity of side business, and all the ways you can get in on the action.

In addition to my role as a writer at Lifehacker, I can usually count on a few hundred extra dollars each year from one-time gigs like humor writing, voice work, and copy editing. What is remarkable is how I can do all these single jobs from the same work desk (wellYou caught me: work bed).

according to Side Hustle Nation, the most popular ways to make money on the side are mostly done online—A fact that is becoming increasingly true regarding the epidemic. In fact, a Study from the popular Upwork recruitment platform It found that during the pandemic, 12% of the American workforce has tried piecework for the first time.

However, it’s hard to gauge how much extra income you can actually earn from a side hustle, since payout varies wildly depending on your experience, location, and the amount of time you have.. Below we will review some of the most popular types of side businesses to start or supplement your income.

Noticeable: All average hourly wage estimates come from pay scale; You can read more about how to do this They crowdsource and validate payroll data here.

Online gigs part time

Examples: Virtual Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Online Tutor.

What do you put in it: you cShe can work up to 20 hours a week for some roles. Different levels of experience required; Virtual assistants may not have any educational requirements, but an SAT teacher does need some additional qualifications.

What you can get out of: Moderate flexibility (your hours may depend on your client), ability to work from anywhere, on average $15 an hour.

advice: Network to find jobs. Connect with the people who you are You’ve successfully worked freelance to listen to their advice, ask for referrals from past clients, and join industry Facebook groups to stay on top of freelance job opportunities.

Online Micro Jobs (aka “odd jobs”)

Examples: Graphic Design, Resume Editing, Data Entry, Audio and video transcriptionvoiceover artist, dating app ghostwriter.

What do you put in it: Basic tech expert, usually one to three hours per gig (but this can vary greatly), specific skills for projects involving design or programming.

What you can get out of: You can charge a higher rate depending on your skill level; Copying averages around $15 an hour, online tutors average about $20 an hour, and experienced graphic designers can set prices up to several hundred dollars per project.

advice: Create a profile displaying your specialties and browse freelance services websites like editorAnd flex jobs, And until work.

Personal micro-functions

Examples: Walking dogs, house sitting, moving furniture, cleaning, notary services, personal training, etc.

What do you put in it: Physical travel, usually one to two-hour Tasks, specific expertise by project.

What you can get out of: Depends on the task at hand and your personal pricing; some—Like dogs walking –You can earn about $15 an hour.

advice: Get creative with the type of services you can provide. I’ve heard of people who make a quick buck from knife sharpening, removing pet waste, and cleaning car interiors.

Electronic trade

Examples: Selling homemade items on Etsy, and reselling clothes on apps like depopGet rid of your old crap on eBay / Craigslist / Facebook Marketplace.

What do you put in it: Several hours of doing market research, taking good photos and writing descriptions of items, dealing with buyer interactions, then packaging and actually shipping the items to the buyers.

What you can get out of: Income varies by item; You have a great deal of flexibility in terms of what, how much and when you sell.

advice: Good customer service can turn you into a better seller; Conversely, a single negative review can have a negative (unfair) effect on your sales. Here are some of the best websites to sell all your old things.

Rideshare gigs

Examples: Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, etc.

What do you put in it: Your own car, potentially high-pressure episodes that last anywhere from 1 to 12 hours.

What you can get out of: Flexibility in setting your own working hours. Hourly wage sources range from $8 to $20 an hour, average around $14 an hour (plus customer tips).

advice: If you love working in gigs, don’t feel the need to be loyal to one company at the expense of another –Drive multiple companies simultaneously to maximize your profits.

house rental

Examples: Airbnb. There are alternatives like VRBO and Homestay, but let’s be real: Airbnb is on the horizon.

What do you put in it: may be Three hours a day Manage your property and five to eight hours on the days when guests change. When you have guests, there is an expectation that you are always “on call.”

What you can get out of: It largely depends on the location. insulting wordWallet found that hosts average $924 a month. To get an estimate of how much you can make, you can go to Airbnb websiteConnect your location, how many guests you can host, and how much of your home you can rent.

advice: Use Airbnb’s algorithm to your advantage by writing detailed property descriptions and Using the most popular keywords to your destination.

Content Creator

Examples: Twitch Streamer, How-to videos on YouTube, OnlyFans, Running niche meme accounts.

What do you put in it: Create a personal brand or online authority, consistent posting habits and strategies to gain followers and monetize it.

What you can get out of: Online fame is a fickle thing. Assuming you’re not going to become a true “influencer” (whatever that means anymore), profiting from your online content isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme. For example, as a social media comedian, I got pizza, glasses, sweatshirts, and vibrators for free for posts—But not a lot of cold hard cash. Your best bet is to somehow gain prestige and a loyal following that will Donate to your Patreon In order to access your content. These types of subscribers are key.

advice: Do your research and be realistic about expectations. Calculate how many followers you will need to be a full-time influencer. Also look for content gaps that you can fill, so you don’t compete for eyeballs inCompetitive spaces such as health and wellness accounts.


Examples: Cryptocurrencies, stocks, standing behind certain companies, real estate, etc.

What do you put in it: potential significant risks.

What you can get out of: Potential big rewards. Investing online will not take long or involve any kind of special skills. Compared to the other task-based side activities on this list, investing is a way to earn thousands over the years – depending on a lot of variables, ie.

advice: Educate yourself before you start investing your money in any direction. here How to start investing in real estate (Without a lot of money), here’s what you need to know Getting into coding these days.

Online polls

Examples: Paid research studies, online focus groups, anything Junkie Survey.

What do you put in it: Not much work. Most surveys will take about 20 minutes of your time, and will involve little or no real effort.

What you can get out of: Not much money. 2-5 dollars an hour. Considering these things can be reckless and you can do them when you have free time, it’s a simple change of pocket.

advice: Never pay to join a survey taking site. This is a sure sign of a scam.

There is no way to make this list comprehensive. With the ability to publish your services online, any hobby or skill you have has the potential to make money. Get creative and do a lot of market research to make side hustle a part of your life, and hopefully a part of your bank account.

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